What to bring

Whatever you think would be useful really…

General day-to-day life stuff.

We advise that you aspire to be as self sufficient as possible. The gathering is self organised so it is up to us all to help each other meet our needs. However we must bare in mind that we can only help others if we are capable of helping ourselves first. This means understanding how to keep your feet warm and dry. How to get about in the dark. How to keep warm in the night. What life is like without electricity and running water. It’s not enough to just say use your common sense and we don’t want to sound patronising but here’s a basic list;

a bowl
socks (which WILL get wet)
a mug
tent, or tarp/ hammock
sleeping bags (+ any extra you have, for those that don’t)
sleeping mat or something to get you up off the ground
torch (head-torch ideally)
rechargable/spare batteries

Oh, and food to share – or donate to the communal kitchen.

Peasant Items + Green Stuff

I can’t say much about potential actions that may be happening during the Spring into Action Gathering, however I can un-enclose that these activities may include digging, building, sowing, hedge-laying, forestry and opening up land for radical/ community growers!

Bring the usual stuff, you know, items used for any good peasant revolution!

Pitchforks, spades, wheelbarrows, saws, wood-work and building material/ tools.

Any green/ previously green stuff you’d like to gift the Farm would be greatly appreciated… manure, cuttings, plants and mulch material.

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