TLIO ‘yurting’ Yurt – Land rights/Land Issues/ focus for discussion around Yorkley Court project.

The Marque – Music/Talks – the red’n’black Something-Else Tea Tent in main camp

Welcome Home/Tea Yurt – Workshops/Discussions – Rainbow Family Circle Space

Kids Space – Children Activities

Nissen Huts – the Busted Clog – Workshops


Community Composting Build (day tbc)

Foraging plants for food, fuel and dyes – with Cat (day tbc)
DIY solar panel building workshop – with Lynne (day tbc)
Fracking talk – with members of Dash For Gas (day tbc)
Planting ancient native hedge-rows, emulating the old Tithe maps
Homeopathic First Aid – with Stella (day tbc)
Coppicing and woodland stewarding workshop
Natural spinning and dying with Stella (day tbc)
Willow Weaving with Jeanette (day tbc)
Reforesting the Land, reviving the Forest Cabin tradition (day tbc)

Using nature to heal the world – with Gertcha (day tbc)
Anti Badger cull talk, with GABS – Gloucestershire against badger shooting(day tbc)

Herbal 1st aid and radical community herbalism- Becs and Annwen 

Walks and workshops on local headgrow herbs and more- Chris Hope


Tuesday 19th

Walks and workshops on local headgrow herbs and more with Chris Hope:

Come on a walk around the farm and see what herbs we can identify, their medicinal and culinary benefits and an extensive pool of knowledge on our wild herbs in the UK. this will be going on throughout the day and if you miss out dont worry Chris is around until Thursday .

Wednesday 20th

Thursday 21st

Friday 22nd

Saturday 23rd

Introduction to Yorkley Court Farm 11:00am – An overview of the project, our hopes for the land and the challenges we face.

Panel on fighting the proposed destruction of a key wildlife haven, in the Forest of Dean!

Forest Garden/ Agro-Forestry workshop – with David Boyce

No-Till Organic Farming – Principles and examples – Jan

Post-Capitalist Agriculture – Our CSA project on it’s way to a gift economy- Jan

Sunday 24th

Agroecology Co-operative Consortium – Introduction to the consortium model of co-operative that we are using to further agroecological solutions to our current economic challenges.
Shamanism Circle –  Ginnie

Talking and sharing about WWOOF and Diggers ‘n’ Dreamers come, feel welcome, listen or join in. – James Dennis

Music from  : [tymes’n’dayts gyustymates]

Who Killed the Bear! –  Friday 22nd.

Tony Hopkins
Al the Owl
Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores
Charlie Bateman
Andy and Mark (Shootin’ the Crow)


  1. Kathryn Clover

    looks wicked guys, il be there soon to learn and share what I’ve learnt about wild plants, cya all soon! xx

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