Getting there

If you are driving contact us first. You will need to know which gate to arrive at and someone will have to let you in. Secure close parking is limited so call/text us and we’ll sort something out.

This is the postcode:

GL15 4TZ

Here is a Map:

Yorkley Court Farm map

If you are coming by car:

If you want to come by car we would ask that you have good reason to park on site. There is limited parking available so PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE ARRIVING BY CAR, email us and we’ll call you or call/text us on 07808168562.

Please use liftshares, -link below- If you are driving, be prepared to park up in Lydney and walk up the hill to the Farm (half an hour walk) you’ll be able to drop kit off before hand, and if you get hold of us we’ll come and pick anyone that’s no up for the walk up in a car.

FREEWHEELERS liftshare website

Public Transport:

GET TO LYDNEY AND WALK! If you could co-ordinate a pick up then you won’t have to walk but this may be difficult there will be details about the possibility of a lifts offered from Lydney closer to the gathering but it’s a nice walk.

There is a bus from Gloucester to Yorkey on a Monday and a Thursday Leaving at around 1pm and its only £1.70


From Lydney make your way to the Beacon by the playground. To do this you go along albert st up towards Primrose Hill. After the park take the first left go past the Severn View Pub and into the woods. Take the right along the wider track it’s red boggy clay. This track eventually goes left into a sort of crossroads with a wider aggregate track with a plyon. Keep left don’t walk towards the pylon. You’ll go down and right and you’ll see the damned pond below the path to you left. Now all you have to do is follow the stream and it’ll take you all the way to the springs in the woodland at Yorkley Court Farm

Here’s a google map:,-2.528272&spn=0.015329,0.038581

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