1. Carole Shorney

    I launched this petition, below, a few weeks ago, having taken advice from the CPRE and the Soil Association. Please do your very best!
    Why is it possible for developers to build on our ‘Best and Most Versatile agricultural land (BMV)’ – because it’s land that will never feed another mouth again.
    The answer’s in my petition, which I hope you’ll sign — it’s called: Safeguard our Soils, Mr. Pickles!
    Please read more about it, sign here and pass on:

    Carole Shorney
    SE Essex Organic Gardeners

  2. Dafydd (Daly)

    Though I agree with the intention of the petition I must point out a significant flaw in the detail of it’s content. This flaw is directly related to the attitude of conventional planners who argue that they will not permit the development of housing in the open/rural countryside. I would argue that the development of an agricultural or ecologically inclusive dwelling actually increases the productivity of the immediate and wider involved land and environment. I would continue by returning to your argument that to develop suburban sprawl (inevitable in order to house all the displaced rural workers who then have to commute into urban areas) destroys productive agricultural land (BMV) forever. The result of this geo-social maldevelopment threatens disaster for subsequent generations and an impoverished quality of life in the here and now.

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